Whilst creating and maintaining your website; and using this support site, you may encounter some new terminology that you are not familiar with. To help with this, we've created this list to explain some of these.


Administrator Mode - This is how we refer to the website once an Admin has signed in. See our guide if you are unsure How to Login

Front End - This is the publicly visible area of your website 

Inline Edit - Is a type of Editing state available to you that allows you to Edit the site whilst still seeing what your users will see. This Edit also allows you access to the site Plugins, allowing you to Drag and Drop them to your page. Inline Edit Explained

Back End - This is the area of your website that can only be seen once you have logged in as an Admin, and selected the Tree View Icon. This area can't be seen or accessed by visitors to your site

Tree View - This is the view of the back end of your website. Where you can view your entire website and can easily access and edit your content

Carousel - This is a type of Plugin that scrolls through multiple items of content; provided that these contain images. A visitor can scroll through these and select items to'step into'. Creating a Carousel

Associated Image - A specific image type. Users can choose where or not to show the Associated Image on the page. Associated images are used as a preview image if the page is used elsewhere. E.g. Carousel/Box Block etc

Gallery - A way of showing off multiple images as a collection/slideshow. A visitor can scroll through all of the different images and read text that is attached to each image. Creating a Gallery

Related Content - An item that is added to the back end of a page; that can then be used by that page. E.g. Galleries are added as Related Content

Local Index - Is a collection of items grouped together to be used by something else. E.g. A Folder of pages would be added into a Local Index in order to be used by the Carousel and other layouts

Plugin - An item that has been programmed to carry out a specific task. An example is the YouTube plugin which allows the display YouTube content. These are found whilst in the inline edit. There is a toolbar on the right side of the screen where plugins can be dragged and dropped onto the page

Change Set - A way of publishing a large number of content items onto your website at once. This is useful for campaigns/events, you could use a Change Set when you have lots of pages and images go live at once

Display Regions - Your site page is separated into a number of Regions. The main contents of your page should be entered into the ‘Body’ Region. The Top Row, Main Content & Bottom Row are areas to be used when you wish other pages to inherit the content