Text Editor Tool Bar


CK Editor - First Row

Source - Allows you to access your page as HTML code

Cut - Allows you to cut out a piece of text (Ctrl-X)

Copy - Allows you to copy a piece of text (Ctrl-C)

Paste - Set of 3 Keys. These allow you to decide how to paste in your text. Paste as plain text (all formatting will be removed). Paste from a word document (this keeps all formatting that may have been applied in a word document)

Undo - Cancel the recently made change and restore the document to its previous state

Magnifying Glass - Allows you to search for anything in the text. Whilst the next button is used to find and replace text

Remove Format - Removes all formatting applied to any selected text


Text Direction - Will set the direction of the text right to left, or left to right

Styles - The same as would be found in Word. Bold makes any selected text bold. Italic makes any selected text slant to the right. Underline draws a line under selected text.

Strike Through - Draws a line through any selected text, giving it the effect that it has been crossed out.

Subscript - Makes any selected text smaller and puts it slightly below the line of text. 

Superscript - has a similar effect, it shrinks any selected text but puts it above the line of text



CK Editor - Second Row

Numbered List - Creates a numbered list

Bullet Point - Creates a bulleted list

Increase/Decrease Indent - These buttons are grayed out, and only available whilst creating a bulleted or numbered list. The first allows you to decrease the amount of an indent. 

Block Quote - Can be used to set specific text apart from the rest of the content

Create Div Container -  Creates a new container to add content into

Align - These 4 Keys control the alignment of your text; Left, Middle, Right or Justify

Table - Allows you to add a table to display your content within 

Horizontal Line - Adds a thin line across the full body of the page

Insert Special Character - Allows you to add in symbols. When clicked on, a menu will appear and you can select the symbol you would like to use

Insert Page Break - For printing purposes, is self-explanatory and only applicable if someone is going to print the page





Anchor - The flag looking button adds an anchor to a page to 'jump' a user to a certain part of the page.  e.g. If you have a long page you could break it up into sections and have each of the section headings as links the top of the page

Internal Links - Allows you to create a link to any item within your website.

Unlink - Removes a link destination from your text. Just highlight the link and then click the button

Templates - You are able to select several predefined templates so that your 1 column page can have 2/3/4 sections

Trac - Pulls in a Trac feed. You would need to know your Trac user ID 

Insert Image - Allows you to add an image to a page. This Key is also used to add a Gallery to your page (only after you have first attached to the page as Related Content) 


CK Editor - Third Row

Styles - Allows you to select various styles to be applied to your text. To apply one, highlight your text and then select a style. (To remove it, highlight the text and go into the styles box. Then click on the style that has already been applied)

Format - This drop down box allows you to choose from several predefined font sizes. These can be applied by highlighting your text and selecting an option from the drop down menu

Maximise - Makes the text box much larger, so that it fills the screen



Show Blocks - Shows all of the containers being used within your content. To see this click on it, and then click on it again to return to the normal view

About CKEditor - Gives some information about the CK Editor itself