How Do I

How Do I Log into the Admin View

Site Administrators will need to log into their CMS accounts to access the Admin panel of the site; to create, edit and update site content. Your level of site access will depend on the level of site permissions you have been granted. For new user accounts or any account/permission issues, you would need to contact your organisation's local site admins in the first instance.

How Do I Add an Admin User

A local site admin can add and remove users within the website. Specific permission can be created for users dependent on the type of work the user needs to carry out, this may mean adding a user to a group so a set access level can be inherited.

How Do I Add a Page

You can add new pages to your website through the front and back end edit, you will then have several options regarding how and when you would like your page to be displayed; such as Type, Layout Tags, Images, Publishing Scheduling options etc.

How Do I Create Links

Link text is basically any text words, numbers, or symbols on a digital document that provides a hyperlink to somewhere else. In order to meet accessibility guidelines Link text needs to be meaningful and descriptive. The purpose of descriptive links is to provide users with the proper context of where clicking the link will take them.