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How Do I Log into the Admin View

Administrators will need to log into their CMS accounts in order to access the Admin panel of the site; to create, edit and update site content. Your level of site access will depend on the level of site permission you have been granted. For new user accounts you would need to contact one of the sites local admins.

Level - Beginner
How Do I Add an Admin User

A local site administrator can add new users to be able to edit content within the website. The local admin can allocate specific permission to users dependent on what work the user needs to carry out, this may mean adding a user to a group so a set access level is inherited.  

Level - Beginner
How Do I Add a Page

You can add new pages to your website through the front and back end edit, you will then have a number of options of how and when you would like your page to display; such as Type, Layout and Publishing Scheduling options.

Level - Beginner
How Do I Delete Content

When reviewing content items that have been created, you may decide these item are no longer needed on your site. You can delete content items by accessing either the front or back end of your site. However once you have deleted a piece of content you will no longer have any access to it. To recover this you would need to log a call with DHCW.

Level - Beginner , Organising Content
How Do I Upload Images

When uploading an Image you will need to take into account where you would like this Image to be stored - Will it be in an existing Asset Bucket or will you need to create a new one first. The system allows you to upload one Image at a time through a browse option or you can select Quick Upload and drag and drop in multiple Images to upload at once (dependent on size & pixel count).

Level - Beginner