Best Practice


We recognise that each of the major categories of disabilities (visual, hearing, motor, and cognitive) require certain types of modifications when designing web content. To meet government accessibility requirements, digital services must: meet Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG2.1) as a minimum.

Welsh Language Standards

The Welsh Language Measure 2011 makes Welsh an official language in Wales. This means it must be treated no less favourably than English. The Welsh language Standards require that many organisations in Wales provide services, correspondence & documents in both English & Welsh. Read more about how to manage your Welsh Language website and content.

Creating Website Content

Content managers can lay out their websites in a variety of ways, promoting a flexible approach to web design that makes it easy to disseminate information clearly to both staff and the public. It is essential to focus on your key message and critical information. Users don’t want to be distracted by text or graphics that don’t aid them with their journey.