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How Do I Upload a Document

When uploading a document you will need to take into account where you would like this document to be stored. Will it be in an existing Asset Bucket or will you need to create a new one first. The system allows you to upload one document at a time through a browse option or you can select Quick Upload and drag and drop in multiple documents to upload at once (dependent on size).

Level - Beginner
How Do I Create Links

Link text is basically any text words, numbers, or symbols on a digital document that provides a hyperlink to some other document, webpage, or Internet site. In order to meet accessibility guidelines your Link text will need to be meaningful and descriptive. The purpose of descriptive links is to provide users with the proper context of where clicking the link will take them. 

Level - Beginner
How Do I Add to the Navigational Bar

The navigational bar is something that is present across all sites. The items that appear on the navigational bar (blue) are the child items of the home page. If you hover over any of these items, a secondary navigational bar (grey) will appear. These are the child items inside of each of the navigational items.

Level - Beginner , Home Page , Navigation
How Do I Edit the Cookie Message

The Cookie Law was introduced to protect online privacy, it is a piece of legislation which requires the website to get consent from users in order to place a cookie on their machine (including computer, smartphone, or tablet). The Cookie Consent message can be found as a component block that you are able to amend as you wish.

Home Page , Level - Intermediate
How Do I Add the 3rd Level Nav Bar

This Plugin is an extra layer of Navigation that will appear as a left hand Navigational area on all sub level pages. This function can be added into the Additional Region on the HomePage and will then use the site inheritance to flow throughout your site; showing 3rd, 4th, 5th level content. 

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