How Do I Add an Admin User

Subtitles Available. To activate select the CC button within the video

  • Go to the Tree View, Hover over the left-hand side of the screen 
  • A new toolbar will open. Select Users
  • In the drop-down menu select Add User
  • Complete the new user's information 
  • Passwords must be: at least 7 characters long with a mix of numbers and upper/lower letters, there is a 15 character length limit on passwords
  • Scroll back to the top of the page and select the Group Memberships Tab 
  • Assign the user to a group, with the correct privileges - For a Full Site Admin select Admin
  • Select Add at the bottom of the screen. Your new user has now been created

NOTE: The naming convention for usernames is the first/last name initial, org abbreviation and the instance number (this will be the same for all users on a site, so if you're unsure look at other usernames) e.g. Joe Bloggs on the CMS support site would have the username JBCMS1


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