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How Do I Add a YouTube Video

The YouTube Plug In enables you to easily pull in a video from this third-party hosting service. YouTube videos can be a helpful way to get across key information quickly and clearly. The CMS has a specific YouTube plugin that allows you to add any YouTube video to your site, no matter the size.

Level - Beginner , Site Plugins
How Do I Embed Content

The embed plugin allows you to display videos on your pages. This differs from the YouTube plugin in that it allows you to show videos from other video hosting sites such as Instagram and Vimeo to your website. This Plugin uses the the media embed code to pull the contents in.

Level - Intermediate , Site Plugins
How Do I Add a Share/Social Bar

The Share Bar allows you to add the ability for visitors to share your pages with other people, through social media or email. The Social Bar allows you to add the ability for visitors to visit your own social media accounts. This plugin can be added to any single page you wish, or add this at the top level of the site (HomePage) and use Inheritance to pull this through to your entire site.

Home Page , Level - Intermediate
How Do I Add Tags and a Tag Cloud

You can add a Tags to your pages in the Publish tab of the page, these tags will then work with the Tag Cloud Navigation Plugin. The tag cloud is placed on a parent page and then shows all of the tags that are one the child pages. The tags most in use will appear larger, users can then click on any of the tags and be shown all of the items that have that been tagged with that term.

Level - Intermediate , Navigation , Site Plugins
How Do I Use Advanced Table List

A Table List is a clear way to display your documents, this content can then be pulled onto a page via ta Local Index. Under Extended Attributes you can have extra columns added to your documents. Whilst you can filter by the columns displayed; the Advanced Table list also offers an added content search option.

Level - Advanced , Space Saving Layouts