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How Do I Create Categories

The CMS enables you to create a hierarchy of categories, and then assign content items to one or more of those categories. By categorizing content, you can create unique indexes, or collections, of content items that you can use throughout various sections of your site to highlight content. In addition, It offers a built-in category filter as a display object that site visitors can use to drill down to content that might be of interest to them.

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How Do I Create a Component Block

A Component is a block of any content, that you can create using the CK Editor; utilizing the source code key to and in any HTML you wish. This same block can then be used over and over again on other pages within your site. You can also use these Components in conjunction with other Plugins, such as the Call to Action Plugin.  

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How Do I Add a Related Content Block

The Related Content layout allows you to create a list of related contents that then appear as links within a formatted block. This layout can display a top level page as related content link or can display the child pages of a particular page as the link. This block can be placed anywhere within your content.

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How Do I Add a Carousel

You may wish to add a Carousel to a page within your site, you can do this with the Carousel Plugin. This Plugin can be added to any page within your site and will pull in content from a Local Index. The first item on your Carousel should be the most informative or most important content piece that you wish to convey, as people visiting the site may not stay on it long enough to view them all.

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How Do I Create a Call to Action

The Call to Action plugin can be used to display messages to your users. You are able to fully control when and for how the message should appear to your users. This plugin can display site Forms or work along side site Components; where you are able to create any display you would like to appear.

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