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How Do I Create a Form

Forms are very useful in a website for collecting data from site users and are often included in sites as Contact forms or Feedback forms. This data can then be viewed through the CMS admin or by downloading this to Excel. As an admin you also have the ability to purge the collected data from the system.

Level - Advanced , Site Plugins
How Do I Add an RSS Feed

A News Feed can be used to keep visitors of your site up to date with important information, This function will allow you to draw in the RSS News Feed of another organisation. You will need to know the URL of the Feed you wish to pull in. On the back end of the site you are able to amend how the Feed will show.

Level - Advanced
How Do I Add Profile Pages

A Profile Page layout will give admin users the ability to display all Profile Cards on a single page, with the ability to then click into the full Profile Page. This layout could be used to display board members or directors information.

Level - Advanced , Organising Content
How Do I Add a Link Organiser

The Links Organiser allows you to link through to multiple pages. This is done by pulling content in through using a Local Index, each Index will appear as a separate Tab on the organiser, each with its own list of content items. All text on the display can be customised as you wish.

Level - Advanced , Space Saving Layouts , Navigation
How Do I Add Google Maps

A Google Maps Plugin can be added to any page of your site this is a quick and easy way to display your location to your users. You can add the plugin to multiple pages using multiple post codes. The plugin can also display a Journey Planner if you wish to.

Level - Advanced , Site Plugins