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How Do I Create a Change Set

A Change Set allows you to deploy a bundle of content items all at once. Multiple items (pages, galleries, images etc) can be held in a draft state and scheduled to be uploaded at the same time as part of your Change set; you are able to set a time and date of your choosing to the deployment.

Level - Advanced , Organising Content
How Do I Add a News Feed

A News Feed can be used to keep visitors of your site up to date with important information, as well as providing an archive of content to read through. The Collection plugin allows you to display a group of pages on another page. The information pulled in from the pages can be displayed in a number of Layouts to help organise your content.

Space Saving Layouts , Organising Content , Level - Intermediate
How Do I Add an Events Calendar

You can use the Calendar Content Type to display up coming Events. Child Pages that set up under the Calendar have extra scheduling options that will allow them to appear as linked items within your Calendar display.

Level - Beginner
How Do I Add a Screen Reader

A Screen Reader is an accessibility function that can be added to any page of your website. This function can aid your visually impaired readers with accessing your content. The Mura CMS currently has 2 options for Screen Readers available; one free and one that has costs attached.

Level - Advanced , Site Plugins
How Do I Add a Shared Component

The Shared Content function will allow site admins to draw in specific pieces of content; that the CMS Support Team provided and manage. This is for use with such pages as the Accessibility Statement. Content that admins currently manually update can now be added through the RTE; this will then automatically update when the content is updated within the CMS Support Site.

Level - Intermediate