How Do I

How Do I Audit my Content

On the back End of your site you can use the 'List View' option to sort and Filter your content for Audit purposes. Here you are able to apply filters such as Type of Content/Created Date/Updated Date. This will then produce a paginated list of content.

Level - Intermediate
How Do I Schedule Content

As a feature of the CMS you are able to set scheduling as to when items are displayed on your website daily, weekly, monthly, etc. You can also schedule when they will no longer be visible to users.  When you schedule items to go live, you can choose how long or how often they are live for. These functions are all available to content managers under the Publishing Tab on any page.

Organising Content , Level - Intermediate
How Do I Add an Asset Bucket

Asset Buckets - much like Libraries; are a means to file together related content so it's easy for admin users to store and locate content. When you receive your site you will have 4 set Asset Bucket areas; Images, Links, Files and Contacts already created for you. You are able to create as many further Asset Buckets as you wish in order to best separate out your content.

Level - Beginner , Organising Content
How Do I Create a Local Index

A Local Index is a group of content drawn in through a Folder or Folders. They can be used in conjunction with the Collection Plugin to show your content for a wide range of uses across your website eg. News Feeds, Carousels, Tabbed Content and many more. You can also add filters to your Local Index to draw in specific items only.

Level - Advanced , Organising Content
How Do I Create Permission Groups

A local site Admin has the ability to create user groups with specific permission sets, allowing users to edit or publish content in some areas but not in others. When new users are created you will need to take into account what parts of the site you wish to allow the user access to.

Level - Advanced