How Do I

How Do I Add an Accordion

Accordions are one of the widest-used components on any website, used to manage large sets of content and navigation lists. They have a collapsible quality that hides your descriptive content under the content title and thus, providing you with a neat and clean web page.

How Do I Use Text Box

The Text plugin allows you to place a self-contained text box anywhere on your page. You are able to add any content you would like to this area including; plain text, Images, or HTML that you would like. This plugin is also helpful when sitting plugins alongside each other.

How Do I Add Contact Cards

Contact Cards contain contact details that can be placed anywhere within the website's content. The benefit of a contact card is that if you need to update these details, you only need to update it within the card and it will update in every location where the card is displayed on your website.