Your Admin Toolbar



Mura Logo - When selected the admin toolbar will be minimized. It can then be clicked again to bring the toolbar back. 

Blue Box - Displays the status of the page. Published/Draft/Archived. When you select this box you will see a new display window showing details of when/who last updated the page.

Pencil Icon - When hovered over this reveals a drop-down list with 3 options:  Inline Edit, Full Edit and Delete.

Plus Icon - Allows you to add additional content items below the current page. Such as; pages, calendars and images.

Anti-Clockwise Icon - Selecting this icon allows you to view the version history of the page. This allows you to view all previous edits of the page and gives you the ability to revert to a previous version. 

Mobile Phone - This allows you to preview how your page will display across various platforms. 


The Tree View - This is where majority of the editing takes place. Clicking on this will take you to a backend view of the entire structure website.

Change Set - If you hover over the 'CS' icon, a drop down menu will appear. This will show all of your created change sets. 

A Calendar - (Part of Change Sets) This shows all of the currently assigned change sets. 

A Cancel Icon - (Part of Change Sets) This allows you to cancel the current change set.

Your Name - On the right of the toolbar it will display the username of the user that is currently logged in.

Logout Button - Allows you to log out of your admin account.