The CMS Plugins


Site Plugins are only available via the front end of your site, these can be accessed through the Inline Edit key. 


Carousel - Allows you to add a Carousel of content to any page

Collection - Pulls in a collection of pages that can be displayed in a variety of layouts. E.g Box Blocks, Single ContentMulti Content Displays

Component - Allows you to create a HTML Component Block of content and then use this same block in multiple areas of the site

Container - Adds a new Container (div/area) that you can place a plugin within. You can then control the size of the container to shrink the plugin.

Content Snippet - Adds a snippet of content to your page

YouTube - Allows you to add YouTube videos to your website

Embed - Allows you to Embed various iframes to your website from platforms other than YouTube

Form - You can add an internally created Form onto any page

Google Map - Allows you to display any location on Google Maps within your page. Includes an optional Journey Finder

Navigation - Provides extra Navigation options for a visitor to your site to navigate around your website

Social Board - Displays live feeds of your Twitter or Facebook accounts

System - Allows you to add extra functionality - such as a Site Map or Content Rater

Text - Adds a Text Box to your page. This has a smaller version of the text editor box available

Read Speaker - An accessibility feature that can read the site content aloud