Content Types


The content on your website is the most important component. To help with this the CMS allows a wide variety of different content types to be uploaded.


Page  - The pages that make up your website content. Page is the most commonly used content types

Accordion Page - To be used within a Folder (Not an Invisible Folder). Each Accordion page makes up 1 bar of the Accordion when this is displayed on your page 

Contact Card  - A digital business card. Contact cards can show your name, address, business, email and phone number. that can then be added to multiple areas of your site

Link - Your URL Links. These should be created within a Links Asset Bucket. They can be used to link to external websites.

File - Any File type that is wished to be uploaded. This includes: PDF, Word, Excel and many more

Document - Any File type that is wished to be uploaded. This includes pdf, docx, xlsx and many more. A Document can also have an associated image added that can display within site lists 

Folder - Like a library, allows you to group similar content together. These are usually used to separate out sections of your site so all related content is within one Folder/library 



Asset Buckets  - File/Link/Contact Card & Gallery are all types of Asset Buckets used as storage areas to separate and group together your specific site assets

Gallery - A group of images that are shown together (like a slideshow). A visitor can scroll through the images and read text attached to each individual Gallery image

Invisible - Similar to a folder, this can be used to contain any other items inside within it. As the name suggests this Folder is Invisible, However, when the title of the Invisible Folder is clicked this will take the user directly to the first item within the Folder bypassing the Folder its self

Calendar  - Allows you to display scheduled content in a traditional calendar format, this will then display your Events to your users

Event - To be placed directly under a Calendar, you are then able to schedule when these events should appear. These items will then display to the user when they are viewing the Calendar

Quick Upload - Is a way to upload multiple items to your website all at once, you can Upload Images or Documents. Here you can use the Drag & Drop function or use the Browse key to browse to your local machine