How Do I Schedule Content

Subtitles Available. To activate select the CC button within the video

  • Go to the Tree View, select the item you wish to schedule (you can also set this when creating the item)
  • Go to the Publishing Tab
  • Scroll to Display here there are 3 options
    • Yes: The item will be shown 
    • No: The item will not be shown but can still be seen in Tree View to edit later
    • Per Schedule: The item will only show per the date and time entered
  • Select Per Schedule and set a date and time for when you wish the item to Go Live
  • Set a Recurrence Pattern Eg. Daily, Weekly, Monthly etc 
  • Choose an End Date for your content, there are 3 Options 
    • Never: The item will always be live on the site
    • After: The item will be removed after a specific number of occurrences
    • On: The item will be removed per the date and time entered
  • Select Save and Publish to save your changes

Please be aware that items scheduled to display in the site navigation will appear only after the site cache has cleared (Cache is set for 30 minutes by default). However the content will still be live and can be accessed via a URL link or if it is displayed in a Collection Plugin.

E.g. For an item to Go Live on a Monday, be live for 1 week and be Removed the Next Monday. You would choose the Date to Go Live, set the middle boxes as Daily - Every 1 Day and set the Occurrences to 7