How Do I Schedule Content

Subtitles Available. To activate select the CC button within the video

  • Go to the Tree View, select the item you wish to schedule (you can also set this when creating the item)
  • Go to the Publishing Tab
  • Scroll to Display here there are 3 options
    • Yes: The item will be shown 
    • No: The item will not be shown but can still be seen in Tree View to edit later
    • Per Schedule: The item will only show per the date and time entered
  • Select Per Schedule and set a date and time for when you wish the item to Go Live
  • Set a Recurrence Pattern Eg. Daily, Weekly, Monthly etc 
  • Choose an End Date for your content, there are 3 Options 
    • Never: The item will always be live on the site
    • After: The item will be removed after a specific number of occurrences
    • On: The item will be removed per the date and time entered
  • Select Save and Publish to save your changes

E.g. For an item to Go Live on a Monday, be live for 1 week and be Removed the Next Monday. You would choose the Date to Go Live, set the middle boxes as Daily - Every 1 Day and set the Occurrences to 7