How Do I Enable Restricted Access

Subtitles Available. To activate select the CC button within the video

  • Go to Tree View, Select the title of the item that you want to restrict access to (you can also do this whilst creating an item)
  • Select the Publishing Tab
  • Scroll to Restrict Access to Specific Group(s) and check the box next to it. 
  • A new menu will appear. You can select the user groups that you would like to be able to access this content
  • Select Publish to save your changes
  • A Lock Icon will appear next to the item, A Red Dotted Line will appear around all of the items that have been restricted
  • Select the 3 Dots and Permissions
  • Set the Type of Permission the Group should have for this area

NOTE: This field will only appear if Extranet (Password Protection) is enabled via the Site Settings > Edit Settings > Admin Modules Tab.
Please log a call with DHCW to enable this.