How Do I Create Categories

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Creating your Categories


  • Go to the Tree View
  • Hover to the left and in the menu select Categories  
  • Select Add Category
  • You will now see the Add Content Category screen
  • Add in your Content Category Parameters

Name: Name the Category you wish to add
URL Title: Leave this blank to have Mura automatically generate your category a URL title based on the name you chose. (Or, feel free to enter your own unique URL title)
Parent Category: The select menu will display all existing categories. If you prefer the category be assigned as a subcategory, simply select the desired parent category. Otherwise, select "Primary"
Is this an interest group: Select "Yes" to allow Site Members to choose it when completing/editing their profile
Allow Content Assignments: If "Yes" then content can be assigned. If "No," it will simply show as a heading on the Categorisation tab under Available Categories. This is useful when you want to group some categories together, but not necessarily allow content to be categorised as such. For example, you might have a category called "News" that contains several subcategories that you want users to assign content to
Allow Content Features: If "Yes" the content can be featured under the specified category.
Active: If "Yes" then the category will appear as an option for content managers to assign content to, otherwise it will be hidden
Restrict ability to assign content to this category: If utilized, only the group(s) selected will be allowed to assign content to this specific category
Notes: Enter any notes pertaining to the category, as desired. This not used for any display purposes


Adding Categories to your Web Pages


Once you've created your Categories, you can then assign them to your web pages.

  • Go to the Tree View
  • Select the 3 dots next to your chosen page and select Edit
  • In the Categories tab, select the tick box next to the required category
  • Select Publish to save your changes