How Do I Create a Related Content Grid

Subtitles Available. To activate select the CC button within the video

  • Go to the Tree View, select the page where you'd like the content grid to appear
  • Go to the Related Content Tab
  • Search for the pages you wish to add and select the + Icon next to each one
  • In the pop-up menu, select Feature Block and close the menu (repeat the process to add more)
  • Publish to save your changes
  • On the front end, select page you wish the related content grid to appear
  • Select the Pencil Icon and Inline Edit
  • Drag and drop the Collection Plugin to where you'd like the grid to sit 
  • Amend the Settings as you wish
  • Save and Publish to save your changes

Content source: Related Content
Related Content: Feature block
Layout: Grid
Grid Style: Select the amount columns you would like
List Image Size: Select the Image size you wish to use
Link Text Colour: Select a Clour for your Grid Titles
Selected fields: Select which information will show on the grid. Click edit to drag and drop the items that you wish to appear; into the right column
View All Link: Not for use with the Feature Block
View All Label: Not for use with the Feature Block
Max Items: Set this to the max number of items you wish to appear
Items per page: Set the number of items you wish to appear per page. (Pagination tabs will appear)
Label & Position Tabs: Set and position a title, Select a width and align