How Do I Add the 3rd Level Nav Bar

Subtitles Available. To activate select the CC button within the video

  • On the front end of the site, Go to your Home Page
  • Select the Pencil Icon and Inline Edit
  • Underneath the right hand plugin menu, Select Additional Region
  • Drag and drop the Navigation Plugin into the Left Hand column
  • In the Navigation Settings select Trust Navigation 
  • Save and Publish to save your changes

NOTE: The Navigation Block will NOT appear on Top Level pages. Site Inheritance must be set up correctly for this to flow throughout to your other site pages


Setting your Inheritance
  • Home Page:
    • Layout Template - home.cfm
    • Alternate Child Template - one_column.cfm
  • Next layer:
    • Layout Template - one_column.cfm
    • Alternate Child Template - two_column_SL.cfm
  • Next layer:
    • Layout Template - Inherit From Parent
    • Alternate Child Template - none