How Do I Add Single Content 1

Subtitles Available. To activate select the CC button within the video

  • Select the page where you want the Single Content Block to appear 
  • Select the Pencil Icon and Inline Edit
  • Drag and drop the Collection Plugin to your desired area on the page
  • Amend the settings as you wish
  • Save and Publish to save your changes

Content Source: Related Content
Select Related Content Set: Custom
Edit: Search for and add the page you would like to display
Layout: SingleContentBlock1
Background Colour: Set to the colour of your choice, clicking on the field will open up a colour selector pop-up, Alternatively, you can type in a Hex code
Full-Width Background: leave the box unchecked to keep the Block in the main content column or tick/check the box if you would like the Block to cover the full width of the page
Text Colour, Button & Button Text Colour: These colour options can be set by default to colour of your choice, Alternatively, you can use the colour picker or type in a Hex code
View All Label: This will be the text shown on the Block's button, if you leave this field empty then it defaults to 'More' (or the equivalent relevant translation)
Label & Position Tabs: Set and position a title, Select a width and align (If required)

NOTE: Selecting the full width option will overwrite content in the left or right columns