How Do I Add Profile Pages

Subtitles Available. To activate select the CC button within the video


Create the Profile Pages



Display the Profile Pages


  • On the front end go to your Folder or Page
  • Select the Pencil Icon and Inline Edit
  • *If on a Folder - Select the Folder Pencil Icon 
  • *If on a Page - Drag and Drop the Collection Plugin to the page
  • Amend the settings as you wish them to appear
  • Save and Publish to save your changes

Content Source: Related Content
Select Related Content Set: Custom
Layout: ProfileList
Image Size: Select your preferred image size
Full-Width First Row: Tick this box for the first profile to utilise the full row width
Columns per row: 1,2 or 3
Card Layout: Select your preferred Layout
Set profiles to become inactive? Leave this box unticked if you want your Profile Cards to become clickable links, otherwise tick the box to inactive this feature.
Max Items: Select the Max number of items to show on this page
Items Per Page: Select the number of items to display per page
Label & Position Tabs: Set and position a title, select a width and align (If required)