How Do I Add an Asset Bucket

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Asset Buckets - much like Libraries; are a means to file together related content so it's easy for admin users to store and locate content.  When you receive your site you will have 4 set Asset Bucket areas; Images, Links, Files and Contacts already created for you. You are able to create as many further Asset Buckets as you wish in order to best separate out your content.

Each Asset Bucket Type has different Content Items available beneath it. Make sure to select the correct Asset Bucket Type according the type of content you would like to store within it.

  • Go to the Tree View, Scroll to Links, Files, Images or Contacts
  • Select the 3 dots to the left of the Asset Bucket you wish to create content below
  • Select Add Content and select the correct Asset Bucket Type
  • Name your New Asset Bucket 
  • Select Publish to save your changes