How Do I Add a YouTube Video

Subtitles Available. To activate select the CC button within the video


NOTE: To meet Accessibility Guidelines all media players such as YouTube videos, podcasts etc should have both voice-over and subtitles/transcripts available


Adding YouTube Videos onto a Page


  • Select the page your video will sit on
  • Select the Pen Icon and Inline Edit, the side toolbar will open
  • Select YouTube by dragging the tile to the region you wish to place your video
  • In a second browser window open YouTube and select your Video
  • In the YouTube URL copy and paste the end of the string -  (You only require the section in red)
  • Go back to your site and paste the Code in the YouTube Video ID Box
  • Name your video
  • You can add a title if you wish
  • Choose the video size under - Video Player Size  
  • Select Save and Publish - Your video will now be displayed

NOTE: To enable you to utilise space alongside the video, simply place this within a container and then control the container size


Adding YouTube Videos in an Accordion


In order to add a YouTube Video to your Accordion page, you will need to access the Accordion Page itself. To do this:

  • Go to the back end of your site
  • Open up the Accordion Folder
  • Select the 3 dots next to your Accordion page
  • Select View - the full page itself will then open up
  • Select Inline Edit
  • Drag and drop the YouTube plugin to the area you wish the video to appear
  • Add your YouTube video URL in the settings and Publish your page
  • You can then go back to the page your Accordion sits on and you will be able to see your video within the Accordion