How Do I Add a Share/Social Bar

Create the Share and Social Links


  • Go to the Tree View, within your Links Buckets you will find buckets for Share and Social Links 
  • Some of these will have been set up in advance - You would just need to amend the URLs
  • To add links in, Select the 3 dots to the left of their name  
  • Select Add Content and Link
  • Give your link a title (we would recommend that the title is the same as the social media you are adding)
  • Below the summary box, you will find a URL Box. Place the social media link in here
  • Select Share Bar as the Link type 
  • Select Publish to save your changes


Adding the Share/Social Bar to a Page

NOTE: If you would like the ShareBar to pull throughout your site then you will need to drop this into the bottom row of the Home Page.  Alternatively you can add this into any single page. 

  • Go to the page that you'd like the Share/Social Bar to appear on
  • Select the pencil icon and Inline Edit
  • From the toolbar on the right, drag and drop the Collection plugin 
  • You can place this where you'd like on the page
  • Save and Publish to save your changes

Content Source: Local Index 
Local Index: Select Index e.g. lciShareBar for sharing the page content, lciSocialBar for social media site links (These lcindex's will already be set up on your site)
Title: By default title will say "Share:", you can change this as you wish
Social media links: Select the links you wish to appear from the links available
Circle or Square Icon: Select as you wish the Icons to appear
Icon Size: Select from Small, Medium or Large
Background Colour: Set a colour in the colour picker box
Extra Icons Available: You can also add: mail to, print and return to top buttons
Show on HomePage: Checkbox will add the Social bar to the home page if checked