How Do I Add a News Feed

Subtitles Available. To activate select the CC button within the video

  • Go to the page you want the news feed to appear on
  • Select the Pencil Icon and Inline Edit
  • This will open up the Plug-Ins on the side menu
  • Drag and drop the Collection Plugin to where you like it to appear on your page
  • Amend the settings as you wish
  • Save and Publish to save your changes

Content Source: Local Index
Select Local Index: Select your Index
Layout: Select a layout that suits you
List Image Size: Select the size of any Associated Image
Selected Fields: Select Edit and choose which fields (and in which order) you would like to display
View All Label: Enter the URL of the full News Folder
View All Label: Enter a tab name e.g. More News
Max Items: Select the maximum items to be displayed
Items Per Page: Select the number of items that will display per page